Executive Summary

 THREEDEEMEE ‘s core technology is a scanning system that creates avatars in a person’s own image and incorporates a very cost effective 3d Animations studio in Bangkok. We have been in the Metaverse space for 7 years way before Meta was even thought of. Our intention is now to design and develop our skills to create an exclusively licensed and authenticated crypto marketplace that aims to open up additional highly profitable and viable revenue stream of revenue for the most iconic brands and legendary names in sports, entertainment, art and culture whenever possible we look to incentivize NFTs an example of this is combining the physical with the digital. It is built on the Solana Blockchain, making it easy to scale to the masses as the Solana Blockchain fixes the problem of Scalability, Security and Decentralization e-commerce, marketing and importantly have advanced knowledge of blockchain. THREEDEEMEE’s main purpose is to push the mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to everyday users, ensuring THREEDEEMEE is the first choice when creating, avatars in a person’s own image and integrating them into VR events such as Shops Galleries and Business event and sharing NFT content across the internet. The THREEDEEMEE platform will be developed with the amateur user in mind. The platform allows someone with little or no experience to create NFTs with ease directly on the web app with only a few clicks and immediately begin to share their content and connect with their fans in a new way. Our core technology will give us the ability to create avatars in a person’s own image so they can attend digital VR events dressed in clothes and accessories they have purchase from their favorite boutiques or designers. 


THREEDEEMEE empowers the most iconic brands and legendary names in sports, entertainment and culture like never before. Using the platform, creators can easily upload digital content – photos, videos, music and art – directly from their smartphone or other media devices and turn it into NFTs.

The advent of blockchain technology has changed the conventional landscape for every industry the technology has touched, be it finance, supply chain management, sport or anything else. From traditional content creation to art and music: the way people relate to these things has changed with the arrival of digitization and tokenization enabled by blockchain technology. This new tokenomics offers the potential for a more efficient and fairer financial world, where people can get adequately compensated for their passion. Part of this revolution has been the tokenization of media assets: art, music, videos, digital collectibles and more. These unique items are known as Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs.

Fans love their icons to a fault and will do anything to connect with them, share them, be identified with them and be a part of their story. Unfortunately, the opportunities to do this are rare as there are no platforms that act as the much-needed link to facilitate this connection this can be brought about by blockchain technology.