100 SAS Cards to be gifted in November 2022

100 SAS Cards to be gifted in December 2022

Welcome To The First Special Forces NFT Collection.

This is a collection of Cards and NFTs of one of the Elite 22nd SAS assault team who took part of the now infamous Iranian Embassy Siege, Hostage Rescue in 1980 Called Operation Nimrod. This rescue lead to all hostage being freed by the rescue team and 5 of the 6 Terrorists being killed. It also lead SAS tactics are used all over the world  and changed the way the movies perceive the best in class military units.


THREEDEEMEE Community NFT Rewards and Tokens open for another :

The Original collection of 11 unique 22nd SAS NFTs of action in Operation Nimrod, “The Iranian Embassy Siege 1980”!

Welcome to The 22nd SAS Collection of Trading Cards and NFTs.

THREEDEEMEE Avatars & Luxury Products symbolizes the future in a metaverse world.

THREEDEEMEE’s Core technology is a scanning system that creates avatars in a persons own image where they can try on different luxury garments and accessories for use in both the real and digital worlds.

As an Animation company we supply clients with all the necessary services including VR space Avatars Garments and accessories.

Welcome to THREEDEEMEE 3D Digital Luxury Products

_Scan yourselft using any digital devise such as a smart phone.

_This will automatically creates accurate measurement chart and avatar in your own image.

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Our goal is to be ranked as the best in class for Avatars in your own image and Luxury Products.

Community bonuses and NFT Gifts for contributions to Threedeemee. 

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Coming soon…. More exciting give aways. 

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Threedeemee NFTs are unique tokens Minted on Opensea with either Ethereum blockchain or Polygon Chain and are available today.

Threedeemee NFTs are unique tokens Minted on Opensea with either Ethereum blockchain or Polygon Chain so you require a Metamask wallet or equivalent wallet to receive your gifts.

Monthly amounts of Free Cards, NFTs and Tokens that are announces on this site for helping us build our community starting in November 2022 until the End of March 2023.

You may purchase and Cards and NFTs that are not sold out as per their price on Opensea. Additionally you can purchase GIFTED tokens at a ration of 100,000 TDM per 1,000 GBP you invest or as rewards for contributing to the Threedeemee Community as per our top achievers in February and March of 2023.

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